CQUR Bank LLC launches modern and secure internet banking - CQUR Online Banking

April 30, 2020

CQUR Bank LLC is pleased to announce the launch of a convenient and modern internet banking platform, the CQUR Online Banking, allowing the Bank’s corporate and individual customers to manage their finances 24/7. CQUR Online Banking was developed taking into account the latest digital market trends and user experience.

The two-factor client authentication based on one-time password generation through a dedicated application, makes CQUR Online Banking a safe and secure digital tool.

The enhanced functionality of CQUR Online Banking allows customers to execute a large number of operations, including:

  • managing accounts and products
  • viewing balances
  • setting up payment requests
  • transferring funds inside and outside the Bank
  • setting up and managing standing orders
  • making requests related to deposits
  • exchanging messages with the Bank, etc.

The Personal Finance Management tools (PFM) which help users to analyse expenses in a visually friendly way and the customisable dashboard with widgets, offer an innovative and intuitive user experience.

To apply for CQUR Online Banking, the customer should submit an application through a relationship manager.

For more detailed information and assistance for using the new service, please contact CQUR Bank LLC.

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