Fixed term deposits

CQUR Bank offers fixed term deposits for various terms in multiple currencies to corporate customers and High Net Worth Individuals.
Classic Fixed Deposit

The "Classic" fixed term deposit offers a customer attractive interest rate for various durations.

The term of the "Classic" deposit can be set between three months and one year. For shorter or longer terms, interest rates are also available (upon request). The interest rate depends on the amount to be placed, the currency and the term. The interest is paid upon the maturity of the deposit into the depositor's current account.

The minimum amount which can be deposited is 50.000 EUR/USD. This scheme does not allow the partial withdrawal or the addition of funds within the duration of the deposit.

A "Classic" deposit can be placed either as a single or a joint account.


A "Flexi" term deposit enables a customer to withdraw or add funds within a minimum and maximum balance range. Under this scheme, a customer agrees upon a minimum balance of the deposit with the Bank. The maximum balance will always be the minimum balance multiplied by 2,5. The maximum balance can never be above 4.000.000 EUR/USD and the agreed minimum balance can never be lower than 50.000 EUR/USD.

Interest is paid on a monthly or quarterly basis and is transferred to the depositor’s current account. The term of a "Flexi" deposit can be set to one year.

A "Flexi" deposit can be placed either as a single or a joint account.

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