Risk Management

The key objective of the risk management at CQUR Bank LLC is to ensure that the risks are identified, well understood, accurately measured, controlled and pro-actively managed in the best possible way for the protection of the interests of all stakeholders.

CQUR operates through a comprehensive risk management framework, which is embedded in all levels of CQUR’s organization. The Board of Directors (Management Body) exercises its oversight of the Bank’s risk management principally through the Risk Committee, which assists the Management Body on matters related to risk governance, risk policies and risk appetite setting. The Risk Management Department is a control function of the Bank set up in order to provide the timely monitoring, advising, investigating and reporting on all reasonably foreseeable material risks.

The Bank has implemented risk management policies, procedures, systems and controls, which are appropriate to the nature, scale and complexity of the CQUR’s business.

On a regular basis, the Risk Management Department reports on the Bank’s risk profile versus its risk appetite to the Management Body through the Risk Committee, explaining changes in the risk exposures.

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